Project 6 2013: Mexico

Millions of good people throughout the world are suffering under the burden of extreme poverty, need and disease. Miche Home Office employees and the company's virtual army of Miche Representatives are rolling up our sleeves and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Miche sponsors a program called Project 6, an ambitious effort to do a yearly on-location humanitarian project in six continents over six years.

In the summer of 2011, many Miche employees and members of our independent sales force headed to Lima, Peru to provide much-needed relief and services to poor children and their families. In June of 2012, participants went to Ghana, West Africa to help build a school for needy children. Miche fully funded this project and many of you made a real difference by contributing to this worthy cause!

In June, 2013 we headed to Acambay, Mexico (near Guadalajara) to assist in the construction of a much-needed water project.


The Hope Initiative has four components:


10 months of the year, a portion of the proceeds from Hope products goes toward cancer research.

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One month of the year, a portion of Hope proceeds goes to a specially-selected charity. In April, 2013 we donated to autism research. So go shopping—make a difference!

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Beginning in 2011, Miche Representatives and Home Office team members have traveled the globe, spreading hope and providing humanitarian relief in a different country each year.

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Giving back is a Miche tradition—it’s what we do! Miche employees, Independent Representatives and customers are sharing hope in their own communities and neighborhoods. You can be the light in someone’s life when they need it most!

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Hope Lives—Pass it On!