Discover—the Miche Party!

What Could be More Fun Than Friends and Handbags?

Are you ready for a relaxing “Girls’ Night Out” filled with great friends and the irresistible allure of Miche products? A Miche Party can be held practically anywhere—at home, in the lunch room at work, during play-dates at your neighborhood park—wherever it's most convenient and comfortable for you, your family, your coworkers and your friends. And you can be sure that I—as your Independent Miche Representative—will help make it a really good time!

We all know that a handbag is every woman’s single most important accessory; by hosting a Miche Party, you are introducing your friends to the one and only purse that truly has endless possibilities. It’s Instant Accessories Gratification with no pressure—just a whole lot of wonderful.

But remember—a Miche Party is first and foremost a great opportunity to get old and new friends together to reconnect—getting a new handbag is just the icing on an already-delicious cake!

Hosting a Miche Home Party is Easy as 1-2-3

  1. As Your Representative I Am Your Ultimate Party Partner: I will assist you with preparations every step of the way—helping to send out invitations, deciding on a Party theme, assisting you with pre-Party orders, and anything else you need to help make your Party a success.
  2. Get the Word Out! Once the invitations are sent, getting ready for the Party is a cinch thanks to the Hostess Party Preparation To-Do List and other helps contained in the Miche Hostess Party Planner. I am confident you will be well-prepared and ready for a great time come Party day. It’s a formula for success that really works!
  3. Have Fun at Your Party! Don't worry—I will come early to help you with last-minute preparations and to set up an impressive display of Miche products. Once your guests have arrived, I will take charge of the festivities whenever you're ready—and you will be free to relax, kick back and enjoy your friends' company. Your guests are bound to fall in love with Miche— and as a Hostess you reap the benefits of earning FREE REWARDS and/or Discounts on product! Be sure to ask me about our Hostess Benefits, including our Hostess Rewards and Hostess Booking Incentive, or follow the link below.
Take a Roomful of Friends Sprinkled with Miche—Stir Lovingly with Friendship and Fun—and You’ve Got a Recipe for the Perfect Party!

Just click on the link below, fill out the required information, and I will contact you SOON to schedule your Miche Party!

I'm Ready to Party!